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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Onni Translation offers “Consecutive Interpretation” (CI) services, where interpreters listen to the source language from the speaker, process, memorize, take notes, and then interpret it into the target language for the listeners to understand after the speaker has finished speaking. Consecutive interpreters must be attentive, memorize or record the details accurately before translating to ensure accurate and smooth communication. The role of consecutive interpreters is crucial in international meetings, sub-group meetings, training sessions, or any event that requires detailed and accurate communication. Sufficient time is allocated for consecutive interpretation and questions to clarify any doubts. Therefore, consecutive interpretation is suitable for events that allow time for interpretation, as the time used for consecutive interpretation is usually twice as long as the overall meeting duration.


In order to help you better understand Onni Translations’s services, we are ready to provide consultation and answer any questions you may have promptly and efficiently.

  • Simultaneous interpretation involves translating simultaneously as the speaker speaks with the help of interpretation equipment. The audience receives the translated content through headsets simultaneously. This type of interpretation requires high concentration and advanced language skills.
  • Consecutive interpretation, on the other hand, involves translating after the speaker has spoken. The interpreter takes notes during the speech and then delivers the translation. The choice between the two depends on the event’s requirements and the available equipment. For simultaneous interpretation, interpretation equipment, whether tour guide equipment, guide systems, or interpreter booths, is necessary. Clients should know the additional cost of renting the required equipment, which can be found on the Equipment page.

Typically, simultaneous interpretation requires two interpreters who take turns every 20-30 minutes. Since this type of interpretation demands high levels of concentration, interpreters need to take breaks to maintain the quality and efficiency of the translation.

Typically, our team of interpreters is in high demand. We recommend contacting us at least one week in advance to allow us sufficient time to find an interpreter with the necessary expertise in the subject matter as per your requirements. For some events requiring equipment setup, we recommend contacting us at least 2-3 weeks to reserve the necessary equipment and interpreter. In the booking process, we do not charge a deposit for clients who are legal entities, government agencies, internationally recognized organizations, or clients with established references. After receiving your event details, such as the meeting agenda or content-related documents, we will select a suitable interpreter for your needs. Once you confirm the booking, we will reserve the interpreter’s time slot accordingly.

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With a global network of professional experts and exclusive copyrighted translation technology and databases, Onni Translation ensures that our delivered work meets international standards and quality. Our experienced team of Certified Interpreters and Translators guarantees your confidence in the quality and standard of our services.